Professional Teachers. Encyclopedic Material. Extensive Support.

Mathematics courses have been developed over a decade by an in-house team of PhD academics. Courses cover a collection of 1000+ NESA examinations and any additional support can be managed one-on-one during the 6+ hours of free workshops. Parents also receive extensive tracking and detailed monitoring of student progress.

All our courses include

Year 10 Maths
Expert Teachers

Students are supported by friendly, experienced academics who keep the weekly lessons engaging while progressing through syllabus content.

Year 10 Maths
Encyclopedic Resources

Produced by our team of PhDs to deliver a blend of introductory theory, foundation, development and enrichment questions to work on during class and at home.

Year 10 Maths
Support Systems

Free drop-in workshops run on the weekend for students to get a bit (or a lot) of extra one-on-one help with the QED material or to revisit a topic they didn’t understand at school.

Year 10 Maths
Student Tracking

Parents receive weekly reports on attendance, homework completion and exam performance to monitor progress. Short exams are conducted every three weeks to check in with how students are progressing.

What our Year 10 Maths students receive

  • Comprehensive theory booklets

    Produced by our team of Mathematics PhDs, our material not only covers the 2021 NESA syllabus but also incorporates the learnings from 1000+ different exams.

  • Homework booklets to reinforce

    Each week students receive homework to help them consolidate the lesson and practice on their own. The homework is designed to reinforce key concepts from the lesson.

  • Solutions to double check

    Students receive full written solutions to all of their homework problems each week, so they can go back and check the questions that they didn't understand and fill in the gaps.

  • One-on-one Workshops

    Stuck on a particular topic or type of question? Drop in to up to 6 hours of free workshops to get one-on-one individualised help from our team of knowledgeable Mathematics tutors.

  • Regular exam practice

    Students undertake regular exams every three weeks to drive improvement in exam technique, consolidate learning, and reflect on how they are performing.

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Teachers who are leaders in their fields

Dr. Peter Ayre
Dr. Peter Ayre
PhD Maths, BSc (Maths)
Dr. James Bedford
Dr. James Bedford
PhD Creative Writing
Mr. Jack Moon
Mr. Jack Moon
PhDc Maths, BSc (Maths)
Dr. Megan Foster
Dr. Megan Foster
PhD History
Dr. Robert Finnegan
Dr. Robert Finnegan
PhD Physics, BSc (Maths)
Mr. Jacques Nieuwoudt
Mr. Jacques Nieuwoudt
BArts (Literature)
Mr. Tony Wang
Mr. Tony Wang
MSc (Maths), BSc (Maths)
Mr. Phillip Dobbie
Mr. Phillip Dobbie
MEd, MSc (Physics)
Mr. James Filippoy
Mr. James Filippoy
BArts (Eng, Philosophy)
Mr. Nye Taylor
Mr. Nye Taylor
BArts (Maths, Philosophy)
Ms. Katherine Du
Ms. Katherine Du
BSc (Pure Maths)
Meet Our Teachers

Make the most out of every lesson

9 weekly lessons per term

Every lesson at QED Education is structured around comprehensively addressing the syllabus. Our academic team has compiled 1000+ exams and understand everything that could be assessed. We then take teachers who are experts in their field and deliver a comprehensive class to each of our students, every time.

60 min
Conceptual Understanding
60 min

Master every dot point in the 2021 NESA Mathematics syllabus and learn how to adapt that knowledge to perform in examinations.

Teachers explain key ideas and techniques through a variety of problems that explore different ways to apply the theory. Students are coached by our expert teachers to make sure key concepts are locked down, and students are prepared for tricky exam questions.

Foundation 1. Understanding

Learn what the theory behind the mathematics actually means to ensure that students understand the approach instead of trying to memorise the steps for every question.

Foundation 2. Explore Ideas

Teachers guide students through a range of basic problems that explore different components of the theory and reinforce the understanding of the mathematics on a conceptual level.

Foundation 3. Replicate Basic Problems

Students practice a variety of problems, learning to replicate and reproduce the type of solutions that have been explored in the earlier questions.

30 min
Application and Exam Questions
30 min

Students are given time to adapt these new techniques to a variety of innovative problems that are drawn from a pool of over 1000+ recent exams.

Foundation 4. Broaden Understanding

Once the foundation has been laid, teachers guide students through a broader set of theory and extension questions in order to lock down special cases and to make sure no stone is left unturned. QED’s academic team has reviewed thousands of exams to make sure every type of question is addressed in our material.

Foundation 5. Exam Style Questions

There is no substitute for practicing exam-style questions! Students need to become accustomed to applying different ideas together in order to solve complex and unique exam-style questions.

Foundation 6. Homework

Students receive homework each week to complete and consolidate their understanding of the weekly lesson. Students also receive full solutions to the homework in the following week so that they can understand where they went wrong and what to do next time.

Foundation 7. Feedback and Workshop

QED is committed to providing its students ongoing and comprehensive feedback and support via weekly homework tracking, triweekly practice exams and free drop-in workshops.

Year 10 class times

Learn Year 10 Mathematics in-person at our Parramatta Campus or Online from the comfort of your home.


  • Mon 4:45 pm (online)
  • Sat 8:35 am (online)
  • Sat 3:10 pm (online)


  • Mon 6:35 pm (online)
  • Sat 10:25 am (online)
  • Sat 1:35 pm (online)
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Year 10 Maths Pricing

40 per hour
1.5 hrs per lesson
9 lessons per term
$545 per term (inc. GST)

Enrolment includes:

  • Comprehensive learning material developed to cover the Board of Studies syllabus.

  • 9 weeks x 1.5 hour lessons (includes end-of-term examination for English and Maths).

  • Lessons taught by proven academics with years of teaching experience.

  • Unlimited access to free drop-in weekend workshops.

  • Weekly homework and regular quizzes, marking and solutions.

  • Online classes for those who prefer learning from home.

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All new students are eligible for an obligation free two-week trial in English & Mathematics.

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Year 10 Maths

We teach students from schools all over Sydney

The teachers at QED have really helped me not only with my studies, but also with my approach to school and my motivation. They genuinely care a lot about all their students.

Our Lady of Mercy High School

The classes are great and I’ve progressed a lot by attending the weekend workshops for areas where I’m weak.

Carlingford High School

QED is life.

Parramatta High School

QED has helped me solidify my ranks and get those last few marks.

Macarthur Girls High School

My biggest problem going into Year 11 was motivation and drive. I feel like that’s something the staff at QED really pay attention to and try to help motivate. Not to mention the classes are great!

Castle Hill High School

I love coming to QED, they actually make learning fun.

Sefton High School

I came to QED as a Year 9 in the summer of 2017. I was a delinquent, inconsistent with my studies with an air of failure following my every step. Fast-forward a year, to the end of Year 10, and I’ve topped my classes, for the most part due to the excellent tutorials, detailed booklets & invaluable workshop tutors.

St Mary’s High School

QED helped me get better at Maths with their classes and Sunday workshops, and I also made two friends!

Giraween High School

QED is the best college! There’s always a good vibe inside and outside of the classroom.

Penrith Selective High School

QED’s methodical and personal approach to learning is an invaluable asset to my learning. At QED, I get weekly booklets with exam-certified questions tailor-made to meet syllabus outcomes, with all the key concepts reasoned with & tackled at tutorials.

Parramatta High School

I love going to QED! James and Peter care so much about the college and making sure all their students are set up to WIN!

Fort Street High School

QED Education is an amazing place to learn. It provides students with a quiet learning environment where it is easy to ask for help, tutors who are exceptionally skilled in their fields and an abundance of physical material to learn from.

Baulkham Hills High School

The best part of QED are the weekend workshops. They are super helpful when you don’t quite understand everything in class and the tutors are always really friendly.

Knox Grammar School

I was beginning to lose hope for tutoring after mum made me trial at FIVE different colleges, but thankfully I have found my home at QED!

Parramatta High School

The best part of QED is how natural it feels rocking up after school to study in the workshop rooms, made some really good friends there as well.

Our Lady of Mercy High School

Unlike a lot of other colleges in Sydney, QED will always make time for each student, even if you don’t go to a top selective school…

Arthur Philip High School


Specialist tuition delivering results to 1500+ students

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